4 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home This Fall

4 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home This Fall

4 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home This Fall
by Caryn Brown

Fall is in the air, and with this change in weather comes the longing to freshen up your home to reflect the new season. Read on for some inspiring ideas.

Fall Accent Pillows

Accent Pillows Home

Nothing changes the mood of a room faster than accent pillows. By playing around with texture, color, pattern, and size, you can instantly alter the look and feel of your living room, bedroom, game room, or playroom.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles Home

We often rely too much on what we see and forget about our other senses. How often do you walk into a friend’s home and say, “What smells so good?” Take advantage of Fall scents by investing in some candles such as Pumpkin Latte, Cinnamon, or Apple Cider.

Shop in Your Own Home

Shop Home

There is no need to spend any money when creating a fresh, Fall look. Try trading out décor from one room to the next. For instance, take a side table from your office and add it to the living room, or take a few photos from the living room and add them to your den. Another idea is to accumulate some decorative pieces that reflect the Fall season and only pull them out in the Fall. Put them away in the Spring when you decorate for Valentines and Easter. Then, pull them out again in the Fall, and you’ll feel like you went shopping but, in your own home.

New Rug

New Rug Home

Maybe you need a new rug for your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, or perhaps even a new welcome mat. However, we often neglect such pieces until we are in dire need. Take a good look, and if your rug or doormat has overstayed its welcome, it is time to invest in a new one.

Freshening up your home for Fall is simple and refreshing. It’s a time to breathe new life into old spaces and have fun while doing it. So go ahead, fluff those pillows and light those candles. Fall is in the air!