4 Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2019

4 Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2019

4 Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2019
by Caryn Brown

We all know farmhouse sinks and subway tile are two ways to breathe new life into a tired kitchen. Beyond those features, what are the hottest kitchen trends of 2019? Four fads are emerging this season that you won’t want to miss.

Blue Cabinets

Blue Cabinets Kelly Realtors

Cobalt and navy are the top two choices this season, pushing out the robin’s egg hue that has splashed over our doors, cabinets, and accent walls the past few years. If you want to add a bold color to your kitchen but still maintain a clean, crisp feel, try a shade of dark blue on your cabinetry.  

Brushed Gold Hardware

Gold Kitchen Hardware

After the ’80s, our aversion to brass caused the pendulum to swing to stainless, bronze, and black. This year we are welcoming in a warmer tone with brushed gold hardware in the kitchen. Brushed gold adds a touch of sophistication and hospitality, and it is softer than its brass counterpart.


Kitchen Wallpaper

Wallpaper in funky, romantic, and daring patterns has officially made a comeback. Don’t worry—this isn’t your mother’s wallpaper. It is easier to adhere and remove should you change your mind.

Open-Air Shelving

Open Shelving

It is time to purchase new dishes and Marie-Kondo the old ones because you’ll only want to display what sparks joy on your new open-air shelves - also called floating shelves. Sleek, modern open-air shelving is one of the hottest trends in 2019. Displaying a minimalist style that lets your favorite dishes and accent pieces shine, your kitchen will soon become the art hub of your home.

Do you like these ideas, but not sure where to start? You do not have to do a complete kitchen renovation to incorporate some of these trends into your own home. You can easily add wallpaper to create a fun accent wall, change out your hardware for an instantly updated look, or add some open-air shelving for an eye-catching display wall.

It’s your kitchen. Go ahead and have fun!